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QUESTION: Hey Chris,  I have just put up an awning over our patio in the back yard. the back yard does not get a lot of sun and our neighbor has a  pond. But I don't see it producing the flies, for what I can see. We don't have dogs and our cat use's the in-house litter box. I have tried all kinds of deterrents on these critters but to no avail. I have even tried a box fan and fly traps and pesticides in the grass. but they just keep hanging around under the awning on the patio. about 40- to 60. is there a pesticide that I could lay down in the back yard that will kill the eggs or larva. I'm willing to try anything , close to burning the place down to rid them.

ANSWER: Hey Wes!

I think I have some good recommendations for products!
Flies can be a terrible nuisance species. There are anywhere from 10-15 different families of fly that can inhabit the surrounding area. The best thing is that all flies are treated the same!

How To Get Rid Of Flies

The best way to treat them is locating the source. That is if you can! If not it is okay, you still can stop them. In my experience using all of the following:

Fly Traps
Fly Bait
Fly Lights
Fly Repellent

These products together usually make for a great defense. My house is surrounded by woods, pastures of crops & live stock, and ponds.

Another tip that i used to kill over 300-400 flies is 3-4 days was a small fish I caught. I then cut it up an placed all of it it into a fly trap container. You should definitely try it if you can.

I am recommending this page for control! It is cheap, fast, and free shipping.

Fly Control

My thanks!
The Bug Guy

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QUESTION: Regarding the fly lights, are the designed and intended to be used outdoors ??  and my second question is, where should I go about in finding the source of the flies and what am I looking for ?? please educate me.

Fly lights: Fly light traps are the perfect alternative to chemical sprays because flies (and other bugs) find them irresistible.

There are both indoor and outdoor Fly lights. Well worth the cost, restaurants usually buy these to keep them off of customers. So this would be great for your patio.

Finding source for flies: They usually come from waste products/trash, animal droppings, or dead animals. The source is only good to eliminate if you can find it. One fly can lay 9,000 eggs. They can also travel long distances.

The best thing is to just trap them. I have a trap and a mister, that sprays repellent every 3-4 hours in my garage. I only see flies near my dogs and it usually rare. (I also have multiple traps)

So I would try to use more than one trap, bait it well. Then if you want to get sure protection go for one of the light traps. They work insanely well. The good thing is if it doesn't work they give your money back.

Please ask anymore questions you have! I am always up for it!

My thanks!
The Bug Guy

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