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They are small and look like specks, I think they start off white then turn black once they get into fabrics I found them attached to my bedding and in my sofas and they bite.They dont crawl they look like fuzz or specks.I have watch them carefully I was sitting on my sofa with my hand on the rest then suddenly they appear and I feel them falling on my hands then they hide back in the sofa.I know this is not a skin allergy because when I look carefully sometimes you see this tiny little white things flying or jumping when the sun light is coming through the window.I have sprayed demize,precor and bed lice spray.


Lice don't have any wings so it must be something else. Here's a list of insects and mites that bite people and some things that can be mistaken for bug bites. Look the list over and see if anything seems right. The other option is to collect a few in alcohol using a damp cotton swab (Q-tip) to pick them up and get them identified through your county Extension office (

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