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QUESTION: I have a pool at my home in Texas, I have been frustrated over the years with wasps coming by the pool in the past, but this year has been the worst, to the point of kids not wanting to swim. At times I will have 8-20 coming around at  any time. I've tried everything I could find, bait traps, bags, fake hives, you name it.
Any recommendations, help please.

ANSWER: Hey Joe!!

Alright, I definitely understand what you are going through. I have a pool myself, and insects are drawn to the water. Those are the top two of things on a insects mind. They are shelter, water, and finding a mate.

So it make since to have a great deal of wasps in the area. Wasps are dangerous and can sting you, your family members, and pets an infinite amount of times. It also does not help that wasps are typically territorial and temperamental.

In my experience finding the nest,and removing it usually does the trick. I would by wasp freeze or knockdown. Then I would wear thick clothing leaving no part of your skin exposed and remove the wasps.

There are preventative sprays, traps, and wasp freeze. I know you have tried them all though. So i would just take matters into your own hands and locate the source. Once you remove the source there will be less wasps. The longer a nest lingers the more frequent visitors you will have.

This link below has low price guarantee, 90 day return policy, and free shipping.

I would try the perimeter spray, also the wasp freeze or product like it. Then if you want try kind of trap they have some cheap affect traps.

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More information is also on this page!

Wasp Control Products

My thanks!

The Bug Guy

Also feel free to keep me posted on progress and I can help you more as you figure out the source and the magnitude.

I wish you the best get those mean critters!  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Yes, I clear the ones around my home regularly, problem is other homeowners don't.


I would get a preventative spray on the site I referred you too. I would also get the wasp killer. The bad thing about other home owners not keeping a will groomed home does unfortunately mean more work for you.

I had to go out at least once or twice every two weeks in the summer and spray around the diving board. I would also kill any that I could see in the area.

If the preventative sprays for the lawn and perimeter I am 100% that they will give you the money back.

My do it yourself spray "tempo sc" every 3 months pretty much kills anything(from mosquitoes, roaches, ants, and wasps & other flying insects). Wasps are a hardy insect an usually have to be sprayed with wasp killer on site. The preventative treatments will get a chunk of the wasps that cross over it.

I would also try putting traps at your property line or in the shade of trees.

Wasps are just one of those insects.

I hope this helps.

My thanks
The bug guy

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