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First let me explain the history of the problem. In mid July my husband started getting little tiny bites on his arms and stomach while sitting on his recliner in our upstairs TV room, at the time we had an ac unit in the back window to cool the room since it's over our garage. We also had an abandoned birds nest resting on the gutter which was approx. 2 feet away from the ac unit.  At this point only my husband was being bitten while in the room, he then would come to bed, down the hallway and I started to get bit at night...on my back,arms,neck, breasts, behind my ears and my jawline. One night these bits awakened me and I turned the light on and saw 3 tiny red dots under my pillow. When I smeared one it left a long smear of blood. The next day I saw on the wall behind the bed, a opaque looking tiny bug, almost invisible but it fell before I could tape it. My husband hasn't been bitten in over a month, but I still am...I've moved downstairs and they started again, all over my buttocks, and basically everywhere on my body that they were biting before. I'm afraid I brought them down from my shoes or clothing. We've vacuumed, and cleaned thoroughly, but I still feel tiny crawlies on my legs along with bites... Even while in my car. I'm currently working with an entomologist from a local college that needs a sample to for identification, which is hard to do, since I can't see them. I know that they can't reproduce without a fowl host and now I'm their blood meal host. How long will or can they live in the house and is there anything we can do without getting into major debt with a pest control co.??


I think what you are experiencing may have started with bird mites but is now something else. Bird mites do not establish infestations in homes and we can't serve as a host (see Since these are fairly large mites if they were still present you would be able to capture a sample. I think it is likely that you have an allergy (food/respiratory) and are associating the symptoms with the bird mites that you had earlier. Instead of a pest control company it might be better to talk with your MD about possible allergies. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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