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Help! I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried the terra poisoning, I've laid out cinnamon in powder and sticks, and I've just used raid to kill the little bastard! Found them in my can good cupboard, spice cupboard, disch cupboard, bathroom.....  I spray and leave set for a while. Then I clean up with Mr Clean bleach. That seems to work for a short time, but they come back, they always come back. Yesterday, I found one crawling on my glasses and one on my arm while laying in bed. I found them in my little trash can next to bed. Can't believe it. Can't afford to call a professional.


The best way to control ants is with baits, not sprays. It sounds like your infestation is large enough that borate-based baits like Terro won't work so you'll need the gel-type baits (see You can do the baiting yourself without hiring an exterminator. Post a follow up if you have questions.

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