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I have an subterranean Termite in my house with a basement and I like to get
some info on the method and Termiticide. I would like to use Altriset because of it is quick action and low toxicity, since may be applying interior wall voids as well. Termidor is the another Termiticide I am considering if Altriset is not as effective.

The termites are entering through a soil filled stoop and a mud tube through sewer vent which has unsealed opening in the concrete block.  

Should I drill the stoop and due a perimeter treatment.

Should the outside opening the sewer vent mud tube be sealed now or left open to transfer the Termiticide to the termites inside?

There is wood damage on joists, sill plate and some sub floor. Should these be treated with Termiticide as well?


Dear Will,

First, let's discuss the two termiticides you're considering. The active ingredient in Termidor has been in use since the '80s and has shown consistent, reliable results. The active ingredient in Altriset was registered in 2008. And although the mode of action looks good for Altriset, it still is going to take several weeks and/or months for it to eliminate your termites. Termidor will work quicker.

On the plus side, Altriset is extremely safe to use and safe for honey bees and other aspects of our environment.

So Will, the choice is up to you, but for me personally - I'd use Termidor because I have experience with it, and because I know how to follow the label instructions to minimize any risk to non-target insect species (honeybees).

Second, the treatment method you use MUST follow the label instructions for whichever product you use. Both products allow you to drill the stoop and do perimeter treatments. Both products spread themselves among the colony by contact and shared feeding. So I'd go ahead and seal the outside opening - but it's up to you. And you should get results on actively feeding termites without having to drill the infested wood. Just keep in mind that Altriset will probably take longer to destroy the colony than Termidor.

One last consideration would be - do you have other insect issues beyond termites? Termidor is labeled for use against a larger number of pests that Altriset. Also, if cost is an issue, because the active ingredient in Termidor is now allowed to be manufactured by others than the company that originally developed it, you should be able to save money with Termidor.

Hope this helps,


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