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I have had this on going problem with mites from searching they appear to be mould mites very small and white yellowish with hairs coming out of them I had them in a previous property that had a bad leak therefore the house became very damp and they infested that house. I moved to a brand new build property very dry well ventilated home but a year later they have re-infested an appear on everything in house all rooms and nothing in peculiar, I notice some of your posts say if you remove the leak or damp problem they will go this doesn't seem to be the case with me as there is zero damp and they are still here they are driving me mad as they are just everywhere and just don't think they will leave ever.

I have two children and am concerned if this will affect there health in the long run we have been around these things for nearly 3 years now with them being in previous home, and its horrible knowing there on everything.

Any help would be well appreciated

kind regards

ANSWER: Joanne,

The mold mites (see for a picture) are also called grain mites because they are often found where grains are stored - damp grain becomes moldy and the mites feed on the mold. This means that the source of the mites could be in stored grain or anything else that has become moldy. Again, once you discover the source of mold you'll know where the mites are coming from and how to get rid of them by removing the moldy items.

Jack DeAngelis

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Thank you for your response have searched the house top to bottom and no signs of anything mouldy it is a new build house could the plaster be making them infest again? also my dryer has been dripping water inside its a condenser a has a tiny hole in the container, with them returning again is there noway of total eradication they just keep appearing.

Kind regards


New construction is often damp as building materials dry out. Nowadays green lumber is used for framing as well as paints contain large amounts of water. Also, the water from the dryer could be causing mold. You best option may be to sweep up the mites for now and continue to search for sources of moisture.

Jack DeAngelis  

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