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I have moved into a high rise student apartment where there are 9 floors and many flats. There seems to be a booklice problem on the window sill area and in the room I rent they are seen on the windowsill and surrounding skirting boards. It is a window that reaches the floor, so the sill touches the floor. My bed is next to one of the skirting boards I frequently see them on. Do you think they'll infesr the bed? As the frame is wooden as are most of the furniture im here. I have a small dehumidifier but it rarely collects any water. The window area is quite draughty despite me closing the vents and window. It is very cold in that area. Do you think putting the radiator on would help as its located next to this window, thus drying it out in order to eliminate the book lice? Or will that not make s difference?

These flats are only 2 years old. How can booklice thrive like this especially on the 8th floor? I'm baffled.

thank you.

With booklice and psocids, there is no “main” nest. Typically they’ll live close to moisture hiding in cracks and crevices alongside the worse areas of the problem. And like many other pests, once they get populated enough, they’ll migrate out into the surrounding area and no doubt this is what you’re experiencing now.

To get control of the problem, you should treat with phantom aerosal it goes on dry and seal up cracks and crevis with clear sealant, around the most likely entry points which is usually the exterior walls. The focal point should be the windows. This is especially true if you’re not opening some of the windows. Closed windows will typically harbor a lot of moisture and psocids love these locations.

So to solve the problem for good, you must remain persistent and treat as many areas as possible understanding that they can be nesting on the walls, around windows, under window sills, around doorways, around sinks and basically everywhere but the baseboard.  

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