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I live in Ontario Canada. These bugs have been in my house for awhile now. I've usually seen them on top of my bed and recently I saw one on the frame of my window. They are tiny red and brown bugs and they don't bite. I don't think they are bed bugs since I haven't seen any bigger ones or any marks on my skin and I have checked my bed. I've only seen them in my bedroom and no where else in my house. I think the bug has 6 legs and wings, but  not 100% sure. Do you know what bug this is? Where do they come from?


This is not a bed bug it is a beetle (see for pictures of a bed bug), probably one of the species that infest stored foods and grains. My guess is there's an infestation where food/grain is stored. I'm not sure why you are seeing them in the bedroom but they do fly. They are harmless in small numbers so you might just ignore them until the infestation becomes more apparent then sanitation and cleaning is the best approach.

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