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i moved to signal hill, ca this past spring and wasn't until about a month after did I notice these tiny white bugs that were congregating in our backyard around the outskirts of our lawn. I did a lot of landscaping and removed the vines lining our fence and brought our backyard lawn back to life, and began noticing these bugs. They move like ants and jump kinda like fleas.
So I began using pesticides purchased from Home Depot and lawn insect pesticides. After a few uses I noticed they did not even phase them as they came back and actually spread to another part of or backyard. So I then began using a pesticidal spray by ortho, they again didn't even get phased.
There are alley cats that roam the alley and I began using flea specific sprays and again to no avail. I

So I stopped watering the lawn thinking maybe the lawn was allowing them to spawn, still no sign of killing them. They don't seem to be phased by anything I've used. Before I call pest control I wanted to resort to one last option.
Can you or do you have any idea of what these may be?


I think your best option is to collect a few of the bugs in alcohol and take them to the LA county Extension office (, they can help you get an id through a state university. Once we have an id the next steps will be easier to figure out.

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