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I have these tiny seed-like bugs, they look black. Also, there are flying bugs that were noticed first before we saw the one's on the kitchen counters. Not really in other areas of the house except I notice when sitting at the computer in my dining room, something is flying and landing on my legs.

Please help, do not know how to get rid of them, I will wipe them up, spray with bleach, and they are back in a few minutes. Thought they were fruit flies, made a solution of apple vinegar in a jar, but nothing in the jar after several days.

Dear Sylvia,

From the description of your problem, I'd guess you're being pestered by some species of stored product pest (pantry pest).

You have two courses of action -

The first one is to find out exactly what species is the problem. In order to do this, you'll need to collect some specimens and keep them in rubbing alcohol until they can be identified. Pour some rubbing alcohol in a small jar. Dip your finger in the alcohol and touch one of the critters on your counter. The insect will adhere to your finger for a moment - quickly re-dip your finger into the alcohol, letting the insect float off your finger into the liquid. Do this several times until you've collected at least a half dozen specimens. Call three or four pest control companies that offer free inspections (virtually all of them will do this) and ask them to come out and identify the insects. Or, if you would prefer, take the jar of specimens to the nearest university extension office (most counties in the USA have one of these offices) and have a resident entomologist ID them.

Second, (if they are indeed some type of pantry pest) - the method of control involves NO PESTICIDES - you find the source of infestation and dispose of it. Depending on the species - you'll find the infested product can be anything from spices to such esoteric items as Fall Indian Corn decorations stored in the hall closet. You need to THOROUGHLY inspect every single food item stored anywhere in the house (except for canned goods). Everything other than canned goods is suspect. This includes cellophane wrapped boxed products, etc.

Sylvia, it is a time consuming task to search for these kinds of problems - so be prepared to devote the time needed to find them. Even if a pest control company says it can "spray" for them, don't believe them, the ONLY permanent solution to a pantry pest problem is to find the source and throw it away.

I hope this helps,


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