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We have these little white bugs and they sound like what you have decribed as mold mites but the ate in our bed and then in our pajamas & seem to bite. I couldn't see anything at first just knew I felt tiny bites. We have a dog & had her checked for fleas & they found none.  It wasn't until I put on a set of dark sheets on our bed that I finally found them & then thanked God cause I knew then I wasn't imagining things. In all the articles I have read I have yet to read about anyone else say they bite though.  My question is could I have something different then the mold mites?  Please help were going crazy.  Thank you.


Mold or grain mites are the only mites that would be described this way, and you are correct that they don't bite (see for info about these mites). My guess is you are reacting to the mold which can sometimes cause skin irritation that looks like bites. This would be a respiratory allergy to the mold. If you can control the moisture this will get rid of the mold and the mites, and probably the allergy symptoms.

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