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Bug Picture
Bug Picture  
QUESTION: I have been seeing those small brown tiny bugs all over my sofa and living room floor, they started crawling up on my walls and reach to the toilet as well..
Can you identify what is this exactly? and let me know how to get rid of it?

ANSWER: Lobna,

The image is too dark and blurry to id. Can you take another picture? Try using a flashlight to illuminate the bug and set the camera on "macro" mode if possible.

Jack DeAngelis

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

BUg pic
BUg pic  
QUESTION: Hope this pic is clear enough
one thing I noticed about thier behavior.
they are in different sizes, small, mediam and large , the small ones usually stay stable dont move , but the large ones crawl so fast wen thy experience any sounds or movement.

Much better picture. Looks like either the drugstore beetle or the closely related cigarette beetle (or a related species). These are pests of stored foods, see for a close-up and general info. Look for food (cereal, spices, pet food, and so forth) that has become infested. Discard infested material and general cleaning is usually enough. The beetles are otherwise harmless.

Jack DeAngelis

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