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QUESTION: What can I do to prevent taking bird mites to my family members( premie baby and 2 yr old) when I stay in their home for extended time.  Also can bisitors to my home become infected with mites? Thanl you

ANSWER: Linda,

There's very little chance that bird mites (see for idenification and control info for these mites) will be transferred this way. The mites in this group are not transferred between people like scabies mites. Also, visitors to your home won't pick up the mites either.

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QUESTION: Our pco cannot locate  source and won't treat unless we remove l attic insulation. Is this common practice?

ANSWER: There is no treatment for bird mites other than nest removal (if the nest is abandoned) and general cleaning. There are some other suggestions on the page cited above but nest removal and cleaning is usually enough.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: Sorry to be a pest myself!
I'm concerned because everything I' ve read cites source removal as essential but our pro could not locate the source. Have you ever encountered this and, if so, did the problem continue or go away eventually? I feel that I may never get rid of this if the source is not located.
Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again

The mites will eventually die off since they can't survive on our blood alone and the nest is abandoned (or they would not have left it). Until then cleaning is usually enough. If you do resort to insecticides be sure to use one of the botanicals such as EcoPCO AR-X since they are somewhat safer for indoor use (see for more info).

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