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I have a camp up from a lake. my friend got stung the other nite and is alergect to bees etc. got camp real warm and it was 28 degrees outside, I guess the heat made them active from nests in walls. iS ther a bomb (like you use in your house for spider ants etc. to let off that will get rid of these stingers when I leave camp? it gets real hot in camp and I guess they think its spring time or whatever. they are coming out just in 1 bedroom. they are slow but still fly and  my friend had to use his shot he takes to help him. want to enjoy camp for winter but now we are afraid of him sleeping in that bedroom. would appreciate any thing you could tell me what to set off before we leave and it might kill or retard the nests that are there. first time this has happened but its been a  couple of years since I been back to camp and trying to get it functioning again. thank you very much if you could help me gt rid of them this winter.


The aerosol bombs won't work well in this case. The nest(s) is in the wall and the aerosol won't penetrate into that space. Your best option is to locate the nest and treat in directly. Use a drinking glass held against the wall (like a doctor's stethoscope) to listen for wasp activity. Once you locate the nest you can drill a hole in the wall and apply insecticide. This is usually best done by an exterminator since they have experience finding and treating these nests. If you decide to do it yourself use one of the botanical dust insecticides such as ECO PCO WP-X to "puff" inside the wall (see for info).

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