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I have noticed tiny little worms in my guest bedroom that are curled up and look dead.  When you touch them they straighten out and are alive.  The room was vacant for about a month and when I wen to change the guest sheets there were about 10 worms in there. Are they coming from the carpet?  My step mother thinks they might be carpet beetles?  Any ideas or a remedy?  Thanks

Dear Reggie,

It's likely that they are larvae of an insect - but which one? It isn't possible to ID the adult without actually seeing them.

Any remedy will require they be identified, so I suggest you collect the ones you see, put them in rubbing alcohol, and have several pest control companies come out and do free inspections. One or more of the firms should be able to ID the critters.

Once you know what they are - write back and we'll discuss a solution.

Waiting to hear back from you,


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