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What are these?
What are these?  
QUESTION: Noticed a shadow on my blinds during the day time. Looked over at the other side and saw these insects. I would like to know: 1) What are they? 2) How they came about to be in my room. Source comes from outside flying in to lay eggs or is the source already some where inside my room. 3) Are they harmful? Would really appreciate it if you could give me an answer. Thank you, from Singapore.


The image is too small to id, can you get closer? Your camera may have a macro mode that permits close focus.

Jack DeAngelis

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unidentified insects
unidentified insects  
QUESTION: Thanks for the fast reply. Attached another image.

Excellent photo. These are newly hatched true bugs (Hemiptera), possibly one of the leaf-footed bug species (Coreidae). At this stage of develop it is not possible to id further. They are not harmful. The tan coloured objects are the empty eggs.

Jack DeAngelis

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