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I recently went to the ER as my knuckles were split in all different directions now whatever it is comes out my nose,mouth etc. We have Mold in our garage and that is directly under the house. But I noticed brown spots on the ceiling & walls and a white substance on my floors (looks like winter salt brought in by feet) also I have these Little drops of water looking things with I think is an insect everywhere even after I clean.One Dr. said scabies the other said it was in my head. I have greenish color on the bottom of my vinyl siding also. so if we have mold could could you have insects that are infecting me?

Hey Doreen,

First I am so sorry you are having these issues. The best thing to do is clean as well as you can and use mold clean, and for the insects use steri fab!

The links below lead you to the products you need.
Mold is a dangerous thing to let take over your home and terrible for your health. Please clean as well as you can. If this persists you may need to remove the farbics and flooring to start fresh.

Please see the products below:
I am a big Do it yourself'er and can definitely help you! If you have any ore questions call there free customer service experts who can hook you up in no time!

My thanks hope this helps ask more if you need!

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