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I have had my vermicompost since December with few or not problems. I did notice a few crawling/flying tiny insects at some point but they really did not seem to be causing a problem. All of a sudden, there are tiny, slightly elongated flying insects that have infested the compost and are flying all over our front entry where I keep the composter. I can see them throughout the compost. They also mate like crazy, looking like a really elongated insect until one looks closely.

I tried neem oil and crushing as many as I can, but they may have overtaken the compost. can you help me identify them and tell me what I can do to get rid of them?

Hey Heidi!

These are soldier flies! They do reproduce quickly and love compost. The larvae and flies thrive in compost and are good at breaking down garbage. I understand you want to get rid of them so this is what I would do:

Checkout this product called Ecovia it is a all natural insecticide great for flies. or any of the products here listed for control of soldier flies.

They also have a call line that they can give you detailed instructions to help you out with fast free shipping. I always use those guys.

Hope this was helpful if I can help anymore please ask away!

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