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So, I started finding big black ants in my bedroom...I assume they are carpenter ants. I put Terro Liquid Ant Baits under the window where I thought they were coming in and within an hour they were coming out from behind the wooden window frame and 2 days later they were gone! My living room is another story...I have treated around my mobile home, the perimeters on the inside, around the windows and doors and everyday I come home to either half dead ants or a couple scurrying around! It's been going on for a month now & I have retreated several times! I can not find the nest or where they are coming in at! Last year I found them coming in on the cable line...went out back and it was very obvious! I the yard were hundreds of them & I could see them trailing to my mobile home, up the wires & into the trailer! I treated the nest & blocked the little hole, inside & out, and that was the end of them! Any suggestions...My boyfriend says I'm obsessed with these guys, but if I can't figure this out, I'm afraid of what they may be doing! I live in western PA in an older mobile home that is not on a foundation!

Thank you...Pam


Unfortunately Terro-type baits don't work very well for carpenter ants, try the newer baits that are designed specifically for these larger ants (see and follow the links to bait info.). There are also other suggestions on that page for carpenter ant control in general. It is not necessary to locate individual nests if you use a good baiting system.

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