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We live in Yamhill OR in the country and are surrounded nudie trees and farm land. A rock wall near the house serves as a retaining wall. There have been a couple of grey diggers there that we haven't been able to trap or eradicate it appears they also burrow under the foundation spewing the gravel out behind them. This Spring there are seven new babies. The whole family is blatant even when we OR the dog are around.

We have tried rat traps and live traps unsuccessfully. I read another reader's advice to use poisonous seed. What kind of seeds and how would you poison the seeds?

Thank you for your time.

I have never heard of "gray diggers". Are you referring to California ground squirrels?

If you are, then details on how to control them can be found at  Read the information carefully. Be sure to check the laws in your own state. Always follow the law. When using toxicants, remember that the label IS the law.  

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