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I bought a house built in 1918 and I am finding ground coffee-like residue here and there against the exterior walls on the inside of the house and also on the porch. I don't see any holes nor any insects. It really looks like fine ground coffee. I am very puzzled (and worried).

Dear Nadia,

Very likely to be a wood destroying insect (perhaps drywood termites). Have it checked out right away. Call a minimum of three different companies to come out and inspect your home. Save some of the residue to show or give to each of the inspectors so as to help them in their determination of your problem.

If it is drywood termites - there are a few treatment options. If the termite infestation can be localized, a "spot treatment" (or several spot treatments) can be less expensive than "tenting" your home.

However, if the company doesn't find ALL the colonies of termites, spot treatments won't be as effective as a whole-house "tent fumigation".

Nadia, I wish you luck,


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