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I have mounds all over my lawn - I believe these are mole tunnels. Some of my landscape is also just blowing away from lack of a root system.  I may have more than one critter problem.  

I bought a horrible and barbaric looking spike thing that I cannot bring myself to use to get rid of these creatures.  

After some research I found out that these guys (moles) were really after the bugs, probably grubs.  My next plan of action is to get rid of the grubs and maybe the moles, too.  

What do you think?  Will this take forever - is there a better way?

Doesn't sound like moles. Moles don't attack plant roots. You probably have pocket gophers and/or voles.

As for better way to get rid of these animals without traps, that would depend on your views of toxicants.

A vole control document

Pocket gopher control

They should answer most of your questions.  

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