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Hello, One week ago I moved into a brand new apartment (Downey, CA)that was newly renovated, including new window screens.  Two days into my new residence, I noticed a ton of tiny insects.  The PCO has taken a sample for analysis.  I am betting that they are bird mites.  My landlady is accusing me of bringing them into the apartment either through my boxes or the moving van.  She said that she had an expert in the apartment before I moved in and he determined the apartment was free of pests.  If they do turn out to be bird mites, is it possible I brought them into the apartment?  I thought they only entered dwellings if their hosts have fled the nest.  I have not had any contact with abandoned bird nests at all during my move.  I think there is an abandoned bird nest in one of the trees in front of both the windows or one on the roof/eaves.  I would like an honest answer if I could be the source of contamination during the move.


You are correct, the only source for bird mites (see to make certain we are talking about the same mite) are abandoned nests. The mites are not moved between dwellings in belongings.

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