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Sir, Shrews got in my apartment under the kitchen sink Pipes I assume. Even large glue boards are ineffective. They eat bait off snap traps. Cat chases them but is declawed and only causes them to leave awful smell when chased. They get in upholstery under chairs and I suspect the mattress. Help I am literally at wits end. Many Thanks ( Never had this trouble catching mice) box to leCant get the spam box to send my query

Robert sorry for the delay, Ok Shrew infestation good old mice snap traps placed along runs such as walls with the trigger placed over the run. Bacon is a good bait as you can use it raw place on the trigger under tab. Next check foundation outside for small cracks, gaps that any small rodent might enter and close with cement mortar pipes under sinks exclusion with steel wool packed tight around pipe or hardware wire placed around plumbing pipes.  

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