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small bug
small bug  
I have these small black bugs in my kitchen, and had them last spring/summer as well. They don't bite as far as I can tell, and are actually usually dead/near dead when I see them, though I have observed that they have wings. They appear to be coming from under my stove, though I can't be sure. The gravitate toward my cat's food/water. They are very small (see picture for reference) and crumble when squished. Any idea what they could be?

I plan to move my cat's food and water, but what can I do beyond that? Even if they are harmless, bugs in the kitchen = gross!


Looks like one of the carpet beetles (there are several species) and since they often infest stored/discarded food, including pet food, my guess is there's an infestation under the stove. There may be spilled cat food that is infested. See for pictures and ways to combat the problem.

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