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I own a hilly property with in the city of Beverly Hills, CA. I am being over run by wild rabbits big and small. They are eating everything in sight, especially the lawn that my children play on. My little 1 yr. old boy will put all things foreign in his mouth. I am very worried about 2 things, health and saving my garden. I have planted some plants that they don't eat, but my vegetable garden is just about impossible. The rabbits are increasing at an alarming rate. My husband hates the fenced look- "looks like a prison" and rabbit repellents, noise makers, water sprays don't work. Can you suggest a professional that can help me. Everyone I've called has said they don't try with rabbits! Many thanks

You didn't provide the species of rabbit. So here is a link to a page with a chapter on cottontail and jack rabbits just scroll down. The real solution to your garden is to install a fence. Works 100% and is cheap and chemical free. As for disease, it is difficult to assess it. Fencing will go a long way to reducing the problem over time. I would suspect the drought is also concentrating the rabbits in your area.  

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