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QUESTION: Hoping you can tell me if this is a bird or a rodent mite.  I can get more pictures.  



How did you collect these mites? They appear to be gamasid mites, a large group of free-living predators. See for a picture of the bird/rodent/nest mites.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: These were collected in my bathroom and on my chest.  I have been getting bites for the past two weeks.  We noticed black specks that move and that led us to mites. I bought a usb microscope from an electronic store to take the photos.

We have been dealing with a rodent problem so I thought they would be o. bacoti.


ANSWER: The only way to get a species level id would be to mount the mites on a slide and examine under magnification. These mites look too large and the dorsal and ventral shields look to solid to be in the group with bird/rodent/nest mites. If you are near a state university you could get an id through the entomology or zoology department. Tell me what city/state you are in and perhaps I can suggest a lab.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: These are under about 10x-30x magnification, I can try and zoom in even further.  I have a usb attached Microscope.  I am in San Diego, CA.  


Contact UC San Diego Extension ( and they will be able to connect you with the insect id lab at UC Riverside for the mite id (should be no cost or minimal cost). Proper id requires more than just magnification.

Jack DeAngelis

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