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I have been dealing with a tiny brown flying beetle that appears very similar to the cigar beetle or the drug store beetle described in some of your replies. mine however does not seem to be from a food infestation. Ive searched my cupboards thoroughly. I was told by an exterminator they are coming from outside in my neighbors tall grass, and theres not much he can do. I never have a problem in the winter. I have treated my lawn in the past couple of years with a SEVEN product to try to help, but still get them. They fly, have a smooth shell, and are a rusty brown color. The largest seem to be about 1/16 inch wide and 1/8 inch long. they congregate in my windows and near the front door in the evening so I suck them up with the vacuum. Thanks for any help you can offer - Bill


There are lots of different small brown beetles so without a picture I have to assume that the exterminator is correct. Can you post a picture? Also, tell me where you live (city/state). It is unlikely that you would see lots of cigarette beetles or drugstore beetles in one place. Did the exterminator give you a name for the beetles?

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