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Jack, I have read many posts and have yet to see my problem, so let's try. I live in Michigan (north western), which is essentially a large sand dune covered by a few inches to a few feet of soil. In the grassy area of my yard, I have literally hundreds to thousands of small ant hills coming through the grass. The little critters are a light reddish brown color and tend to be very small (maybe 1/16" in length) and seem to do no damage nor am I bothered in the house. You may6nk7y ask "so what's the problem?" They are constantly bring sand from under my grass to the surface, to the point that I believe they are killing one small area at a time in my lawn. How can I eliminate or at least reduce their numbers?


The ants probably are not harming the grass. They may in fact help the grass by aerating and moving nutrients into the root zone. If the grass is growing well I'd do nothing, if the grass seems stressed you might give it a little more water or fertilizer but trying to control the ants may actually cause more problems than it solves.

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