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Hi. I just found a belly up roach in my living room. After looking online, I'm fairly certain it is a smoky brown cockroach. I've lived in my home for nearly twenty years and I've never seen a roach. I deal with the occasional spider. I've even made peace with the snakes that seem determined to invade my backyard, but I cannot stand roaches. I've heard the saying about there never being one cockroach, so I'm trying to resist the urge to have the whole house fumigated.

I live in rural, South Carolina and I've seen my fair share of these critters outside, but not in my house. Could this be a situation where it just ventured in with the dogs at night or should I be more concerned. I've checked under the sinks, behind the washer/dryer, and in the bathrooms and I don't see any evidence of more bugs. What would you suggest?  Thanks.


It is true that when you find a cockroach it usually means there's more. But, this refers to finding live cockroaches. Finding a single dead roach might mean it just came in from outside. In either case it might be a good idea to start a baiting program (DON'T fumigate). Baits are relatively inexpensive, a DIY project, and very effective. See for general info about using baits. You could try the borate baits like "Roach Pruf" first then move to the professional baits if a problem is detected.

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