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I just read this question post ("Wasps in roof void making strange noises"), and I think I have the similar problem. However, I am sure it is wasp living in my roof. It is not living inside the house but in the edge of the roof, which is outside and they have no access to the inside.

I did some research on wasp. Some people said wasps do no damage to the roof structure, and they are ecologically important because they help keep pest insect populations under control.

Therefore, I am wondering whether I should get rid of them. I was worried about they damaged my roof because I have heard the sound of insects moving in my roof edge for weeks. If they don't damage the roof and are ecologically important, should I just let them live there?

Do they damage the roof structure?


The wasps won't damage the roof, they have probably constructed a nest in a void space that was already there. They can't excavate wood like some other insects. The nest will continue to grow until late fall when it will die, usually early winter. At some point the nest could become a threat and will need to be removed. See if/when the nest needs to be eliminated.

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