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QUESTION: I have had a problem with clothes moth larva outside on our screened in porch for about 3 yrs now.  I would put up the ones I could find and put them in an air tight container - then throw the container away.  We have even pressure washed the porch and everything on it, but they are showing up again.  I read the article that you referenced in a response (by you) back in 2009.  I have a throw rug on the porch.  Is that my problem?  We had wood laminate flooring in the house and never noticed them inside.  We have carpet now, so not only am I annoyed with them outside, I'm wondering if I should (now) be concerned with inside (and just can't see them).  I was told when I first noticed them, that they were moth larva, so I have just kept treating the yard, thinking that was where they were coming from.  How can I get rid of them and should I be concerned about inside?

ANSWER: Gretchen,

Can you post a picture of the larvae? I want to be certain that we are talking about the same type of moth larvae.

Jack DeAngelis

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I copied and pasted the picture from the post between you and Mj Aug 2009.  I don't have any other way to get you a picture, but those are what I have.  And I've double checked other pictures on the internet.

Those are called plaster bagworms (or household casebearer), a type of clothes moths. They are considered to be minor pests of natural fabrics. Usually normal cleaning is enough to control this species and insecticides are not needed. They don't occur outside so there's also no need to treat the yard. Here's an article that may be useful for more info.

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