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We recently started seeing these bugs, especially on our windowsill. I have now also found them in our laundry and kitchen. They are slow and easy to catch but just as I thought I had them all, more appear! How do I get rid of them? What are they and where did they likely come from? They appear to only be on our ground floor... Should I be worried they might be all over the house?

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This is a weevil, probably one of the seed or grain weevils. There are a number of species whose larvae (grubs) infest various whole grains such as rice, wheat or corn. See for general info about these weevils. Look around for an infested container of whole seeds or grains, this will be the source. Discard all that is infested, clean cracks and crevices thoroughly with a good vacuum then if necessary apply one of the botanical insecticides that is approved for this use in your country (see for general info.) to surfaces and hiding places.

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