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QUESTION: Dear Jack,
I have been finding these small brown bugs crawling on my walls (I saw around 10 today). I have a newborn baby at home so wanted to make sure they do not bite and are not harmful in any way...I've seen them mostly around the kitchen.

I'm attaching a photo, many thanks!


ANSWER: Inbal,

The photos are too blurry to id. I think your camera's autofocus is focussing on the paper towel rather than the insect. You might try using manual focus setting if possible.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: Thank you for the quick response! I tried to get a better photo, here it is!

This is a beetle but there's a lot of damage. However, it looks like one of the species that infest stored food such as the drugstore beetle (see for photos). Check around for a container of dry food (including dry pet food) that is infested. Discard everything that is infested then carefully clean crack, crevices and surfaces with a vacuum cleaner. Then, if necessary treat the area with a botanical insecticide that is approved for this use in your area (see

Jack DeAngelis

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