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Hi,,i am having a disaster,i found holes in clothes,specificly the cotton only,,all t-shirts,under shirts ,pyjamas&cotton jackets,the pest control company searched the house&found nothing so they suggested it is termites that leave in the wood of the closets,&they sprayed ((drakar))then the holes continue,
another company searched the house&the found only 2 carpet beetles,so they sprayed the house with (((temprid sc)).
&i removed every thing &washed with hot hoter the blankets &bed sheets &sent all clothes to lundry,to avoid any larva in the clothes,
After one week again holes appeared&we repeated the process again,but still holes appearing,
Provided that;;it is not washing machin or detergent problem(because some of damaged clothes are new ¬ yet put in machin,.&i inspect clothes before &after washing &hanging &ironing

Also i have only one carpet &they found it clear,
Now after the last spraying i kept all the laundered clothes on a new closet that i bought &sprayed,and we use little clothes  so we can monitor,but unfortunately holes appear mainly at night ,i leave clothes on a chair or table or a hanger behind the door or on laundry box &i find holes in the morning,even holes happen for clothes on washibg line which is placed in side the house;
I sent newly damaged clothes to a pest control lab to check on it ,twice &they said no evidence of pest on clothes,no larva or no execretions.
They say it is technecal problem,but i am sure it is not,
the clothes are damaged in the normal places in the house ,
I live in an appartment,high floor,

only today i saw with magnifying lense in the closet some insects it is very very tiny and transparent & others are a bit biger yelloish white &and moving quickly...the man said it may be dust mites..

provided that not found on the beds and we are not getting any bites,,

he wants to spray cy10.then apply boric acid inside the closets and in house corners,

is it reaaly dust mites or not
& is this pesticide good,
and most important ,,is boric acid safe to be around the house and inside closets with a 4 year old baby????

thank you and i wish you can know what is this bug


Can you post a picture of the holes in the clothes? Since there are no insects that specifically feed on cotton cloth I'm inclined to agree with the advice that it is probably mechanical but I'd like to see what the holes look like.

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