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I noticed a cluster of tiny flies or gnats around my Eucerin body cream pump in the bath, and also in the soap dish. That was two days ago. Now they are all over the windows in the adjacent room. They have a tiny black body that ends abruptly, six legs and two long antennae, and blond translucent wings that form a long tapered tail when closed. The legs are alternating sections of dark brown and caramel color, creamy tan close to the body, dark brown or black for the next section then tan again. They fly like mosquitos but can run around on the window like tiny ants, then fly, then just sit there. They are easy to vacuum as they don't scatter, they just give up. I thought at first they were fruit flies, but they don't match any photos of fruit flies, midges, noseeums or gnats that I can find. Can you help me identify them? Many thanks and happy holidays! Kim


Can you post a clear picture of the flies?

Jack DeAngelis

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Bugs on sill
Bugs on sill  

More tiny flies
More tiny flies  
QUESTION: Here are a couple. They are so small but you can expand or enlarge to a sufficient degree to see them.

I still can't see a lot of detail but I don't think these are flies at all. I think they are winged aphids or adelgid (aphids that occur on conifers) probably coming off a house plant or Christmas tree (see Check the stems of your house plants for similar, but possibly wingless, aphids or if you've brought a Christmas tree into the house that's likely the source. In any case they are harmless and don't need any sort of treatment.

Jack DeAngelis

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