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We are in the process of completing an extensive remodel of the basement of our 50 year old home in north Georgia.  As I was cleaning the floor this week in anticipation of carpet installers coming, I found a strange looking material along the base of a painted paneled wall that is constructed with 2"x 2" pine studs and base plate mounted against the concrete walls with fiberglass insulation between studs. The material was sprinkled evenly on the concrete floor for about 12 to 15 inches between the old carpet tack strip and the very bottom of the wall panel.  There are no pin holes in the paneling above the unfamiliar material and it appears to be spread evenly on the floor...not in piles indicating termites or carpenter ants in the wall above.  Tapping on the wall above the questionable area indicates paneling and studs area in good condition. I checked all other areas in the basement and found only one short area in another room that appeared to contain a small amount of similar material.  We have never seen any termite swarms, dead termites, or wings inside or outside our home.  We are fortunate to have a dry basement.
I am concerned what this material might be droppings from drywall termites or carpenter ants.  I have some pictures but for some reason cannot attach them to this document.  
Would appreciate your opinion as to the possible source of this material and what might be done to eliminate it.

Hi Ernest, Doesn't sound like bug activity Ernest being 15" from wall base I would say if anything slab ants if material has any aggregate in it. Also a lot of times padding wears along spaces that are not walked on and it just might be padding or backing wear from carpet.

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