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bugs 2  
I recently become a first time home owner, prior to this I rented. Therefore until now I haven't paid much attention to the bugs around the walls of my home. Now I own a place, I am paying much more attention to all the bugs inside and outside of my home!
I live in Southern California. So, predeominently dry and warm
Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed right outside my front door these bugs. They are shown next to a dime for scale.
As you get about 1 inch away from them, then jump, a bit like flees. Until then, the crawl at what I would say was a medium pace.
There are about 100 I guess, and they just crawl around the concrete just outside my front door. They sometimes appear from the crack where the concrete outside floor meets the stucko walls.
A few days ago I sprayed with household fly and bug killer (off the shelf) and it seemed to kill them, but now they are back.
It would be great if you could
a) indicate if they are a damage to my home
b) what are they
c) indicate how to kill them and how to permanently get rid of them
Many thanks


These are called collembola or springtails (see for more images). They are completely harmless and normally live in the soil where they feed on soil fungi. They can occasionally enter homes, often following rains. See the page cited above for ways to manage these critters but basically they are harmless and can be just swept away when they become too numerous.

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