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I live in a 3,000 + square foot home, built in around 1920 in Southwest Florida. It was just determined that there is a drywall termite infestation throughout the house. What is the best treatment for it... The tent covering??? And how long would I expect to have to vacate? and does the landlord have to pay my expenses for my family to lodge elsewhere?


Did you mean drywood termite? The tent and fumigate treatment for drywood termites is common for extensive infestations in homes (see for control options). The time the procedure takes depends on who does it and what fumigant (insecticide) is used but 1-4 days is probably a good guess. A better estimate would be to talk with whoever has been hired to do the work. I don't know what the law in Florida says but my guess is your landlord is not responsible for your living expenses during this time but you could deduct that portion of the rent (I'm not a lawyer).

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