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Pest Control/What to use to inject chemical into drywall to kill termite?


I just bought a bottle of termidor and going to treat subterranean termite in my bathroom base trim near the tile. There is just one small hole (about 1/8" diameter) where i see termite wastes. Do you know where I can buy a spray bottle that has small tube or nozzle that can go into the hole? maybe similar to a wd40 can with the small red tube that you can install at the nozzle?

Do I need to also treat maybe 1 feet to the right and to the left of that hole? or more?


This type of treatment is normally done with a foam insecticide that is applied through an aerosol can with the type of nozzle you describe. See "insecticide foams" on this page I don't know of a application system that will turn the Termidor liquid into a foam.

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