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wood roach
wood roach  

female wood roach or oriental?
female wood roach or o  
3 years ago I found a dead insect in the bathtub, I took a picture which I will share below. The exterminator identified it as wood roach and told me it just came in from outside and I didn't need to worry about it. Since then my husband and I have seen a total of about 10 more of them in various rooms around the house, mostly the bathroom, dining room and laundry room and storage room. Until last night when I found one in the kitchen (I will also share a picture of this one below), this one looked a little different than the others so I decided to do some of my own research on it. From what I found it sounds like it could be an oriental cockroach or a female wood roach. I read that female wood roaches don't usually go inside houses and that while orientals like bathrooms they don't typically go upstairs and the only place we have seen them that wasn't upstairs is the laundry room. Another thing is that every one that we have seen has been during the day and they do not seem to care about the light only the movement of the person being in the room. So my question for you is....should I go out and buy roach bait and treat it like an oriental cockroach invasion or should I just assume that it is a female wood roach and go on with my life?


Since baiting for these cockroaches is fairly easy the best option is probably to go ahead and treat since it is unlikely that you would have found this many wood roaches indoors. See for general info about cockroach control and follow the link for baits. Be sure to use baits rather than sprays.

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