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I have been ill for 2yr, bronchitis,asthma,covered in poison body lesions, panic attacks,sinusitis gritty eyes, u name it I've had it I was bitten by a false widow spider nd have been receiving every treatment  going for it also we have black mould nd a very damp house, we have noticed a few times little white mites appearing out of the blue and sometimes I have removed them off my body, what do we need to do? This is sending me insane,we are very clean n hygienic family, I am getting therapy for spider phobia n hate dust n germs, doctors say the anxiety is making my symptoms worse and I've try ed explaining it's my house situation that's making me so I'll but they aren't convinced they say stress n anxiety, but all my family have noticed these  white mites, HELP PLEASE.


Mold mites (see for more about these mites) are usually an indication of dampness and, no surprise, mold. They are harmless except that their presence can mean that unhealthy damp, moldy conditions exist. Mold and moldy allergies might account for all your symptoms. As far as the mites are concerned once you solve the water issues the mites will go away, no other treatment is needed. I hope this helps.

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