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Hello George!

I believe we have a bird mite problem and I need your help as to how nervous I should be about this (right now I'm on the verge of a breakdown). We removed the nest but still see the bugs and I still feel them crawling on me. There is a lot of contradictory information on the internet! Can you help me with a few questions?

-Can they travel place to place. We found them at my boyfriends house, but I don't want to bring them to my house where I sleep half the time, and I don't want to bring them to my sisters house, she has two infant twins and I am there three nights a week helping her with them.

-Can they live on humans or do they go away once the bird and bird nest is gone?

Dear Angela,

If there is a large enough population of them, once the original host(s) leave the nest, the adult mites that were not on the bird(s) often go looking for another host. And even though humans may not be their favorite host, they can, and will, infest humans. Since the adults spend most of their time on their hosts,  it is possible they could be in a human's clothing if they were feeding on the human. I say this to answer your question about them "traveling place to place". (i.e. if they were in clothing they could be "transported" from one location to another.)

Here's what I recommend:

Since adults can live for a week or two off a host, clothing and other fabrics (bedding) that may have potentially been exposed to mites needs to be hot washed and hot dried to kill any critters in or on the fabric.

Get a pest control company's help ASAP - have them inspect and treat for them at your boyfriend's house so that the problem is eliminated at the source and you can have peace of mind. The pest control firm will treat cracks and crevices in the areas where the nest was, and areas "under" the nesting area inside the house. Oftentimes they'll finish the treatment with a "fogging" or "bomb" ULV treatment.

Hope this helps,


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