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I came home after a day out and saw a flattened adult bed bug on my kitchen floor.
I am in a state of panic since about 10 years ago I had a horrednous infestation which caused me PTSD and OCD. I am so worried beyond belief we have another infestation now. Since 10 years ago I hadn't seen a single bed bug. What are the chances we will have an infestation again? I am going out of my mind. I have used a flashlight to search other family members beds and can't see anything. None of us have travelled or used laundry rooms recently. My sister orders clothes fron overseas, do you think its possible it could have come from that? the bug was by the washing machine. Any help to set my mind at ease would be great. Also does diatomaceous earth kill them because I keep that at home for other bugs...if so could i need to put some around the bed frames and sofas? thank you


Can you post a picture of the bug you found? I'd like to confirm that it is a bed bug since where you found it is very unusual for a bed bug. Also, see for a picture of a bed bug for comparison.

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