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Right now I'm battling pantry moths in my apartment. Its been about a month and a half. I threw out all food. Cleaned the kitchen cabinets with soap and water and citrus based cleansers and bleach 3 separate times, and put out pheromone baits and so far the numbers are dwindling. I see a one or two stragglers here and there but hopefully I won't see a full blown resurgence in the near future.

However, now, I'm seeing them at work! I work in a large office. Air conditioned however its off on the weekends. When the problem at home started, I told a few of my coworkers and now since they've popped up at work everyone is pointing to me as the culprit. Is it possible they piggybacked on me some how? I don't bring food or bags from home. Just my purse which is small. Also, to add insult to injury, the moths are attracted to me at work! I kid you not, they literally fly at me and everyone at work is shocked at seeing this first hand. I've killed about 7 moths at work. Could it be that the pheromones I used at home is somehow becoming a part of me/my clothes/my hair/etc? Is there any logical explanation you can offer me? Also besides using pheromone traps, are there any other tactics I can use to get rid of them once and for all? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Elle, It is posiable but not likely that they hitched a ride unless food items were brought in that were infested with eggs or larva. I would say this is an separate case and the smell of the pheromone bait on your clothing has caused a stir at work. Vaccume also works good in cracks and crevises of shelfing pheromone traps take time as do chemicals which I would suggest as a last resort. It's easy for co-workers to point the finger at this point so just let them think what they want. I think you are headed into the right path with your problem.

Organize Pantry: Get rid of packaged food products that are past the expiration date.
Store Smart: Buy only small quantities of grain products, and store them in airtight, rigid, bug-proof containers (not plastic bags). This makes the occasional infestation a snap to clean up and prevents pantry disaster.
Also, store large sacks of pet food and bird seed in airtight containers in the shed or garage rather than the kitchen.
Shop Smart: Buy only the quantities of grain products that you think you can use within a few weeks.
Refrigerate Food: Store seldom-used grain products in the fridge or freezer until needed.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much for the response! I'm relieved to know that the moths at work are likely not related to my situation at home. My cupboards at home are now bare since I'm too scared to buy anything until I know that the moths are gone for good.  Regarding the pheromones on my clothes, is there anything I can do to keep this from happening?  Having them flock to me while I'm trying to work is not fun!

Hi Elle, Insects are very sensitive to pheromone remember they leave behind the same thing in the outdoors and come from miles away. When you are in your house you walk thru getting them on your person beside taking a shower out of your place with clothes not from your place try hair spray but keep in mind clothing, skin, hair will need sprayed this should help. Good Luck

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