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Dear Sir:

I hope that this note finds you well. I was wondering if you could help identify the bugs I have found in my bedroom, near my bed, and advise on how I can get rid of them.

I've attached two pictures, with a dime for size reference. They were both taken on my windowsill by my bed. I had come back from seeing family for 2 weeks, and the person I had living in my place to take card of my cats accused me of having bedbugs and not telling him. !!! So I am wondering what these bugs are (not bedbugs I hope!!! I was not sure what bedbug larvae looked like in terms of size!!)

Relevant info: 1) I have 2 cats that shed a lot, 2) I woke with a few bites on my shin recently - I thought they might be fleas, bc they're not mosquitoes - and I looked online and they don't match bedbug bite images, and 3) we've had a long run of gross heat & humidity here in Philadelphia, recently.

Thank you for your time!



These are not bed bugs but the images are a bit too small to be certain of an exact id. They look like carpet beetle larvae, especially the image marked "Bugs". See for a close-up picture of these larvae. Post a follow up if you can get a closer picture or confirm the id.

Jack DeAngelis

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