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QUESTION: We had a minor problem with pantry moths that's gotten worse due to an infested bag of SWheat Scoop cat litter we bought and since returned.

I just ordered 2 Pro Pest traps and tonight I'm buying some Insect Dust to sprinkle in the litter based on advice from the SWheat Scoop manufacturer.

I suppose if these 2 steps, plus aggressively killing any we see doesn't work, the next step would be to switch to a litter that's not so prone to infestation.

Any other suggestions you may have? Thanks in advance for your help, I believe you suggested Terro ant baits to me previously and I couldn't live without them.


Keep in mind that the traps will only catch male moths so the real trick is to locate and dispose of the infestation. I'm not sure what's in the Insect Dust but be sure it is not harmful for cats. Permethrin, for example, is especially harmful to cats. You could also put the cat litter into a tightly sealed container which will effectively prevent moths from escaping and infesting other materials. For more info about these Indian meal moths see Glad the ant baits worked well.

Jack DeAngelis

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The manufacturer said, "If you can get a hold of some Insect Dust, that may help get rid of the ones in the litter. You can find it in any garden center. Itís basically Diatomaceous Earth, which is completely non-toxic and safe to use around your pets. You can put ľ cup of it into the litter and mix it in. The powder will dry out any bugs, yet is safe if your cats ingest it."

Yes, I think DE is safe for use around pets (see The term "Insect Powder" is an older term for powdered pyrethrum which may not be safe for pets in this situation so I was concerned that this is what they were talking about.

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