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I had little bites on my back that had little black splinters in the middle. My boyfriend used tweezers to get them out as they felt like needles and caused intense itching and burning. I also had bed bugs and mice at the time. There are pigeons in the hallway of the building. The doc said scabies but I just don't think it is right. Do you know of any bug that leaves a little black splinter type thing?


There are no insects or mites that do this. There's an insect called a thrips that is sometimes called "a splinter that bites" (see because it is tiny and shaped like a wood splinter, however it does not burrow into the skin. See for a list of insects and mite that do bite but none leave the sort of splinter that you describe. My guess is these lesions are caused by something else. Have you consulted an MD? Sorry I can't be more specific.

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