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Dear Sir,

In our township, most houses have the problem of millipede. They invade into houses from nearby glass lands/dense vegetations.

We are spraying common insecticide like dichlorovas around our houses  however without any outcome.

Please advise how this millipede menace could be tackled.Which insecticide will be effective against millepede

warm regards,

Babal Geoffrey A
Kerala, India.

Dear Babal,

Please forgive the delay in answering your question.

I seldom used any organophosphate insecticides over the last few years of my career as too many safer alternatives were available. In America, the label of the product used describes what pests it may be used against, and exactly how the product may be used. So I can't speak to how effective dichlorovas would be as a weapon against these pests.

Instead of relying on pesticides (especially organophosphates) - I'd do something like the following if I were faced with this problem:

1) I'd seal up the openings into my home that the millipedes use to gain entry to my living space. I'd use caulk, plaster, or other means to make sure that entry to my home would be very difficult for the critters.

2) I'd remove as much vegetation from around the perimeter of my home as possible. Because these things need moisture in their environment, I'd try to keep the perimeter of my home as dry as possible. Maybe even put a barrier of rock several inches wide alongside my structure, and keep my lawn grass as short as possible.

3) If I needed to use an insecticide, I'd probably use something like a long term residual on the foundation of my home and in that rock barrier I placed around the foundation. Also, I'd go out at night time and search nearby clumps of vegetation for populations of the millipedes and spray or dust them in those harborages - rather that near my home.

One last word I'll leave with you Babal, millipede do not constitute a "menace" - they don't harm humans or vector any sicknesses - so I'd just seal up my home so they can't get in, and would keep the area adjacent to my home as dry as possible.

Hope this helps, and again I apologize for the delay in answering your question,


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